About Pongyi

"Pongyi" means " Buddhist monk " in the Myanmar language . This name derives from the owner Masaki's Buddhist monk previou s expe - rience in Myanmar . " May all people be filled with full of Joy of life " This is the word of His Holiness Gayuna Sundima Cealo, the high priest to whom Masaki look up as his mentor . We are bearing this words in mind and trying to be " I am that I am, and do what we can do for the others." Pongyi is not a non-profit organization (NPO), but we are workin g almost like a volunteer . We are donating 100 yen to aid children in Asia and an - other 100yen to other support activities from each accommodatio n fee. Furthermore, the income in the event we often held goes to the donation. We are glad that if you could find your new 'treasure' during yo ur stay in our guesthouse by touching 'peace' , 'awareness', 'meeting' ,'i nformation' etc., and, even if only slightly , it will become your further energy of life from tomorrow. There is no luxurious amenities such as a first-class hotel , bu t we sincere - ly hope that you feel most at home with relaxing in both mind and body.


Pongyi は世界中のみなさまに、宿泊・安らぎの場として多くの方からお選びいただき、おかげ様で、数多くのメディアやランキングに取り上げていただきました。これからも、より多くのみなさまと出会い、人と人、国と国がつながる、そんなお宿を目指して心地よい空間づくりを心がけていきたいと思います。



  • Masaki / Representative

    I have lived in Brazil and Paraguay in South America before. My personality from other people is said to be relaxed and continental personality. I experienced a Buddhist monk in Myanmar although it is a short period. It was a very valuable experience for me, so I made the name of monk in Myanmar ‘ Pongyi ‘ as the name of this guesthouse. Pongyi also helps children in Asia. We are pleased if Pongyi becomes a space where the heart of the guests are rested and they can bring home some kind of treasure by staying at our guesthouse I am looking forward to seeing you all in Kanazawa.

  • Maru / Manager

    I was born and raised in Osaka ,but my parents are from Kagoshima. I am often mistaken for children from foreigners because my body is small. Pongyi donates 100yen from each accommodation fee to Asian children. ‘The staffs work happily, guests stay at Pongyi happily and that would be beneficial for someone else. ‘ I like this Pongyi style. We would like to be a guesthouse that guests will be able to come back just like Kanzawa’s parents home.

  • Niina / Staff

    Hello! I’m Nina. I was born and raised in Ishikawa prefecture. I really wanted to do something for people, that’s why I came to Pongyi. I would like to support children in Asia with Masaki and Maru, and also would like to make a guesthouse where our guests feel they want to come back again. I am often told that I am a laid-back type of person, but I will do many kinds of activities proactively at Pongyi. I am very happy if a lot of people enjoy traditional Japanese culture here. I am looking forward to seeing you at Pongyi !